A builder should not only have empathy with people, but also

with nature and history.

about me

I always follow this principle in my previous activities. I prefer the renovation historic or old buildings than building on green areas. I like to think about how to use old dilapidated objects and instill them and new life. I always deal with environmental aspects and sustainability.

I can mention from my previous practice the reconstruction and search for use for brownfield of the former textile factory in Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, the reconstruction of cultural house in Měřín from the interwar period, parish office and houses, also more than 100 years old. At present, I deal with the proposal of wind lobby to the church of St. John the Baptist in Měřín, behind the precious entrance portal of the 13th century. I work on a dissertation thesis called “Possibilities of using microwave radiation for the rehabilitation of building structures”. Supervisor is prof. Ing. Miloslav Novotny, CSc, who works at the institute of Building Structures.


by aneta aya hnizdilova